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History of WSO

Women Social Organization (WSO) is an organization, which was registered in 1986 through Social Welfare Department, Muzaffar Garh. The inception of the Organization has its interesting historical background ranging from welfare to development.

In 1985, Shaheen Atiq-ur-Rehman, the Provincial Minister for Women Development, visited the SWD, Muzaffar Garh and insisted on the uplift of the womenfolk of the district. In order to be in the good books of the minister, the then Deputy Director, Sajjad Ghoas, of the Social Welfare Department hasted the process of formation of any women organization. Resultantly, the female Industrial Teachers of the Department were united and the designations of President, General Secretary and Finance Secretary were distributed among them. They were told to do social work for women’s empowerment in the community. The disinterestedness and artificial formation of the Organization led it to its natural death. It never did any social work nor was it ever thought to be infused a new life. It remained dead till 1992.

In August 1992, Muzaffar Garh was struck with heavy floods. Laying devastate a vast rural area and standing crops, it engulfed almost the entire city of Muzaffar Garh. The houses as well as the people were at the mercy of the flood. Under this situation, the emergency state was declared and the military forces were employed to bring the flood-stricken people out of the turmoil. Under these circumstances, a group of 25 women from Muzaffar Garh organized to combat with this havoc. Looking at the organized struggle of these women, the Colonel Zakir, Zulfiqar Ali Khosa Minister Irrigation, Fiaz Bashir Commissioner DGKhan and Sajjad Ghoas, the Deputy Director Social Welfare Department, praised their social work and enjoined upon the DD, SWD to register the organization of the women. The dead organization in the name of Women Social Organization (WSO) was reinstated and Abida Pervain, Ferdoos Noor, Pervain Kausar, were elected the President, General Secretary and Finance Secretary respectively. The Organization began to run a vocational center, and other social and economic problems of the poor and needy women were resolved with the coordination of the departments. The WSO did not have its own office but it worked in the Vocational Center. During this session, it was decided that the elections of the designations would be conducted after every couple of years.

In 1994, Bushra Kaniz along with the same General Secretary and Finance Secretary, emerged as the President of the organization. They maintained the pervious activities of the organization.

In 1996, Farzana Asim, Khalda Fazal and Perveen Kausar were elected the President, General Secretary and Finance Secretary respectively. The social work, that was actually a welfare-oriented work, was maintained.

In 1998, Hamida Naz, Pervain Kausar and Rukia Bibi were elected the President, General Secretary and Finance Secretary respectively. Hamida Naz was one of the oldest members of the Organization. After taking the charge, she framed the structure of the Organization. By that time, the organization had twenty-five members, with the addition of one member, all 26 members became the life-long members of the Organization. The General House, Advisory Committee and Board of Director were made. The BOD chose the Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson.

The structure of WSO was revised and the President offered the portion of her own house to be freely used for office purposes. The WSO set its aims and objectives, rules and regulation. During this period, one member donated 8 Marla land in the name of WSO.

NEF visited Muzaffar Garh and WSO’s office was also visited. To the satisfaction of NEF, it decided that the WSO should set up 5 primary schools for children. Afterwards, WSO became aware about SAP-PAK. SAP-PAK made a selection of WSO’s two members for RDP. In the meantime, Action Aid, SAP-PAK, NEF, PPAF, UNDP visited the organization and they made funding in our education and credit program. In this way, the organization initiated its developmental approach. The above-mentioned organizations played a vital role in turning WSO’s direction from Welfare to Development approach.