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Values & Objectives

Organizational values:
We believe in the following organizational values and pledge to uphold these values in our work, in all of our decisions and in our relationships within the organization and with the outside world. 1. Opportunities for all without any discrimination on the basis of religion, caste, creed, color, class, ethnicity, language or gender etc. 2. Peace and tolerance as pre-requisites for development and social change 3. Believing and respecting for diverse culture, values and beliefs. 4. Promoting democratic values in all levels of organizational programmatic and action spheres. 5. Integrity; as there is zero tolerance for corruption and for any actions   that may put the image and goodwill of the organization in danger.

1. Mobilization of families to educate their girl Child especially the drop out after primary education. 2. provision of free legal aid and advice about rights to destitute women of target area 3. Women’s poverty eradication through Microcredit and enterprise development. 4. Increasing literacy by establishing formal schools in the communities of District Muzaffar Garh. 5. Provision of reproductive health care facilities through the Community Health Centers and Medical Camps. Provision of health facilities for drug users. 6. Promotion of democratic values, peace and social harmony in society through awareness campaigns and advocacy programmes. 7. Protection of environment and provision of Sanitation through Community Physical Infrastructure Development.